I'm Naomi, your new personal thrifter!


I already know that if you found your way here, we definitely have one thing in common: our love for unique style. We take pride in standing out from the crowd, whether it be in the way we dress or the pieces we decorate our home with.

I take the time, effort and search out of thrift shopping and bring you my best secondhand finds every month.

I love all things wicker, up north/cabin life, 90's nostalgia and vintage (whether it be from the early 2000's or before!). Each product is one-of-a-kind and looking for its forever home! Welcome to Minny Thrift & I hope you stay awhile... :)

what you'll find here

graphic tees & crewnecks

grandma/grandpa sweaters

premium brands

vintage table/wall decor

'90s nostalgia

wicker baskets

state/city pride

oversized flannels


start thrifting ≫
  • Explore your style for less

    With ever-changing trends in fashion & home styling, it can be tough to keep up with it all. We're so used to being bombarded with influencer amazon links and social media product ads. Buying secondhand allows you to be creative and explore your personal style without breaking the bank. You can find some great dupes in a thrift store!

  • Eco-conscious shopping

    Beyond the benefit of saving some cash, thrifting is also good for the environment! In terms of clothing.. did you know, the fashion industry consumes more water than the entire U.S. irrigation system? It's cool to know you're reducing your own water footprint. I'm a firm believer in reduce, reuse, recycle and each doing our part to make a difference.

  • Retail therapy

    Walking into a thrift store makes me so happy. I get lost in my own little world, exploring every aisle and shelf.. knowing there are treasures to be found. I know many of you relate to this feeling, but believe it or not some people say it actually stresses them out. Whichever side you relate to... just know that you're welcome to thrift here and I'll do the searching for you! And if I inspire you to go thrift on your own, that makes me a happy girl!

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