Hey, it's Naomi from Minny Thrift. I stand behind every product acquired for Minny Thrift. Though it's secondhand and pre-loved, almost all items are very gently used and in great condition. Normal wear and tear will be present but any imperfections will be noted on the product photo. If you'd like to see any item closer or have a question, please message me & I'd be happy to send you more photos or a video of any product.

  • Are the items new or used?
    All of our products (unless disclosed in the product description) are used and bought from secondhand shops. Although they are pre-loved, I only will put up products that are in good condition that I would buy/wear myself! Before shipping to you, all clothing items are ironed & neatly folded. Bleached clothing will be laundered, otherwise all other clothing will be sent as-is from when I bought it. I will launder it if needed. Housewares are washed & cleaned up to the best of my ability!

  • How is pricing determined?
  • There are many factors that go into pricing. All items are evaluated for condition (is it like-new or are there signs of wear), rarity (is it vintage/one of a kind, is it something I can easily find new at other stores), label or brand (what type of label does it have & what are other items from this brand selling for on eBay/other reselling sites), and the original cost of the item from the thrift store. We calculate our retail price based on these terms, so you may see a range of prices on our items.

  • Is everything vintage?
    Items could be old (over 20 years ago or more), oldish (10-15 years ago), somewhat new or new. Products I pick for the shop must fit the Minny Thrift aesthetic and that's my general rule of thumb. If I'd put it in my home or closet, you'll see it in the shop! That being said, we DO find authentic vintage products & that will be stated in the product description and the product price will reflect that.

  • What sizes are the clothes?
    Generally the clothes are XS-XL and that will be stated in the product description. Some products are originally men's sizing and some are women's. I try to include fit details the best I can in the product descriptions. I'm 5'10" and usually wear a M/L for reference.  If you ever have a question about how a garment fits please feel free to DM me on instagram @minnythrift or email hello@minnythrift.com.

  • What is the condition of the clothing?

    All items have been used previously (I call it pre-loved). The item may have some signs of normal wear. I try to purchase items with little to no damage, although sometimes there are minor flaws that will be noted on the product description. All bleached items are laundered, and other items may be laundered as needed but for the most part everything is as-is from the shops I find them at. 

  • Do you accept returns or exchanges?
    At this time we are not accepting returns or exchanges. I want to make sure you love your items though, so if there's ever a problem please feel free to contact me and I'll help resolve it!

  • How much is shipping?
    Domestic shipping (USA) is always $6.99 (USPS 5-8 business days) for clothing only orders, or home decor only. If you have clothing & home decor it will be $12.98. See the details below for local pickup! FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100! *Some orders will be subject to additional shipping charge. Please acknowledge that if your shipping charge is over that once we weigh your package, you will receive an additional invoice for the remainder.

  • Can I pick up my order if I live in the twin cities?
    Yes! I encourage local pickup (especially for heavy/larger items) in Woodbury if you are in the Twin Cities. Use code: LOCAL at checkout for free shipping and I will send you an e-mail to let you know where & when you can pick up your order!

  • Do you ship to other countries outside of the US?
    We just added shipping to Canada! All orders start at $35 shipping, please acknowledge that if your shipping charge is over that once we weigh your package, you will receive an additional invoice for the remainder.