How to Create a Wicker Basket Wall Collage

How to Create a Wicker Basket Wall Collage

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If you’ve checked out the site you’ve probably noticed I have a MAJOR love for wicker. Wicker is a process or style of weaving and there are many materials that can be used to create baskets, furniture, decor etc. (natural, like rattan and synthetic, like resin). I always pick them up when I come across them at any thrift shop because I’ve been wanting to create a cute wicker basket wall collage for the longest time (keep reading & I'll tell you how you can too!).

Wicker baskets (especially vintage) come in all shapes, sizes & styles. That’s what makes these basket walls so fun to create, there’s literally no right or wrong. You can mix and match sizes, colors and shapes and it always looks so cool with minimal effort! There's also no quantity that is too small or large.. you can use whatever space you have and make it your own work of art.

The cost can really add up when you get them from hobby lobby, target, etsy etc. so I'll be putting basket sets together for you periodically (wicker basket sets)! This is a great option for covering a wall you don’t know what to do with. They add pretty warm tones and textures to any space!

Below I’ll walk you through the steps for creating your own wicker basket wall! It’s super easy, you most likely have the tools you need already at home.

Tools needed:

  • Wicker baskets! Here are some sets we have available.
  • Hanging materials. You can use a hammer & nails, or command hooks/strips. The baskets are lightweight which makes them easy to hang! (For this purpose I used a variety of big & small command hooks and strips that I got from Target. I had to use a small nail for one basket because that was the only way the square basket would hang. I didn't want to put a bunch of holes in my wall since I create temporary sets that are for sale ;))
  • Tape measure, masking tape, pencil for marking hanging spot

1. Choose & measure your wall space

First you want to see what kind of space you’re working with. Measure the width & height of generally where you want your baskets to go on the wall (it doesn't have to be perfect)

    2. Use masking tape on the floor to gauge the space you’re working with

    My space was about 3ft. x 3ft., so I put a small tape marker on the top, bottom of sides of my imaginary 3ft. x 3ft. square on the floor.

      3. Lay your baskets out on the floor first within your tape guidelines

      • This really helps to play around with the colors, sizes and shapes
      • Tip: I like to start with a bigger one toward the middle, then work my way out to the left and right from there
      • It might take a couple tries to find a basket layout you like. During my process, it helped to lay everything out once then walk away from it and come back later with a fresh set of eyes

        4. Finalize the layout & get your tools ready for hanging

        Once I was happy with my design on the floor, I transferred the tape to the walls to give myself the same size guidelines

          5. Start hanging!

          • I started with hanging the bigger one in the middle first and worked my way to the left and right. That way if I had to make any changes throughout it would be easy to adjust the placement. A couple of mine ended up more spaced out, but I wasn't being super precise as mine will be temporary.
          • Tip: If you use command hooks it helps to actually hook it on the basket first & hold it up to the wall before you stick the hook on to make sure it'll work & lay flat to the wall.
          • During my process I decided to remove one basket and move the placement of another one. That's the beauty with these is you really can't mess this up. You can change your mind as you go but laying them out on the floor first really helps get a general idea of what you want it to look like!

            6. You're done!

            I just decorated a small shelf with plants & other thrifted pieces below my wicker basket wall. I love the way this looks so much! I'm very happy with how it turned out, super easy and something anyone can do to spruce up a space! I also love that you can always change up the layout or size/shape anytime.. the command strips make them easy to remove and change.
              Here are some of our wicker basket sets!

              Leave a comment below with your thoughts on this project. I'd love if you pinned one of these images to Pinterest & save to your inspo board! Thanks for checking this out & I'll be back soon with more thrifty decorating ideas soon! :)

              XOXO <3 Naomi


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