5 Reasons to Shop Secondhand

5 Reasons to Shop Secondhand


Hey friend!

Thanks for stopping by and for checking out my new business! This idea has been a long time coming & I'm so happy to see it finally come together. Beyond reselling my thrifty finds, this whole business development process got me thinking deeper about my 'why?'. I know in my head that shopping secondhand & the reasons I do it are obvious. But I know those reasons aren't obvious to everyone, so I figured I'd share with you some reasons I shop secondhand.

I believe secondhand simply means, pre-loved.

There's something cool about knowing that an item has a history & a story behind it. I personally buy secondhand because it allows me to be creative with my style without feeling like I have to spend a lot to do so.

Not only do you save money, it's also good for the environment! In terms of clothing.. did you know, the fashion industry consumes more water than the entire United States irrigation system? Jeez. It's crazy when you really think about it.

The more you shop secondhand, the more it becomes your go-to before going to the big box retailers.. and a lot of times (like in this case) you're supporting someone's passion in the process! OR you're supporting a small/local/family owned business.

I hope you find some treasures here and keep checking out the shop, we will be adding new items monthly!!


xo, Naomi


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